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July 17, 2008



I also participated in the Wachovia call and have re-read the recent articles focused upon The Black Book of Outsourcing.

Brown & Wilson have successfully championed through more rigorous scrutiny, implications and innuendoes than Gartner, and Forrester have ever had to endure by the same press.

To their enhanced credibility, Black Book has also been extremely transparent in fully sharing their methodology and systems with us to counter the mean spirited stories circulating.

We now fully support the Black Book as they have proven their reliability.

The Wachovia call had been advertised weeks before the BusinessWeek story, and they have earned the admiration of the industry to keep this group meeting scheduled and answer their critics with their open methodology and systems.

We read the piece referred to in the CIO Magazine story directly last month while it was still available on the web. It wasn't online long enough for most to get the full story. Black Book issued an immediate apology online for not noting it was a blog and not journalism and took down the link within hours.
Black Book had a press cutting service who supplied their website with updated URLs and articles that appeared in media for them to post. A blog entry to the CIO Magazine website entitled "The Skinny on the Outsourcing Lists" appeared last month. It was a laundry list format of the attributes and participation requirements of the three lists. The blog entry revealed well known about the differences of the lists. However, the blog was relatively flattering to Black Book because they have a system, not a fee schedule to be on their list.


Brown & Wilson received incredibly unfair treatment by Steve Hamm in Business Week. However they should have known better than to participate in an interview with him to begin with. The tech business has been aware of Hamm's tactics since his early years at the magazine and stir clear of him and his stories to avoid being manipulated as he tries to save his world.

Plus Hamm's affiliation with the same Indian outsourcers who were unhappy with their black book scores are the same Indian outsourcers that fund his all expense paid trips to India. He also wrote a book on the marvels of Wipro, which Wipro keeps sending to me repeatedly as an advertising ploy as if it was a real business book. Wipro's Chief Marketing Officer, Jessie Paul, admitted in her blog last week that she was involved in conspiring the story with Hamm against Black Book because Wipro was not ranked #1.

There's always two sides of the story. And writers - like analysts - are seldom if ever "independent". Hamm has personal motives just like anyone else...only he has the power to shape the first slanted impression. Beware what you read in the press!

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